5 things on around Cork for the First week of the Holidays


Thank you to everyone who has sent me events on for this week.    I really appreciate you sending them on and I am sure everyone who needs some ideas for the start of the summer holidays will also be delighted.   I am not sure how child friendly some of these would be but you can make your own mind up.  I know it is hard to get out of the house with kids.  I only have 2 and I find it a challenge some days.  If you want to skip the events and just go to a playground or beach.  I have some ideas on the PLAY section of the site.  It is as always a work in progress, I am adding more things as the days go on.  Other events I know about over July are listed here.

What else is on this week or over the summer?  Please let me know so I can share.

Wednesday July 5th – Nano Nagle Place –  The Nano Nagle Place on Douglas Street will open up on July 5th with its fascinating heritage centre beautiful gardens and design shop.  I am not sure how family friendly this is as it is only opening but if you go check it out let me know.  Looks like a beautiful piece of Cork heritage.  The cafe isn’t open until Autumn 2017 so maybe bring a picnic.  Price information is here

Wednesday Evenings All Summer – The Lough Ceile – I can’t actually find information for this for 2017 but I have found older material on the internet, but I have it on good authority from an eatplaylove follower there is an open air ceile every Wednesday evening at the Loch.  It sounds like great craic.  It is from 7-9 in the evening so if you want to bring the kids and let them go to bed late might be a fun thing to do with older kids.  If anyone has more information/facebook page etc I could link to this would be useful.

Thursday July 6th – Teddy Bears Picnic at the Donkey Sanctuary I have never been here but I definitely want to try get here over the summer.  5 euro for kids, adults are free.  Some info from their site……The Donkey Sanctuary is set in the beautiful rolling countryside of County Cork just outside the village of Liscarroll in Ireland.  Over 5,200 donkeys from all parts of Ireland have been taken into their care here in Ireland since The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland was set up.

Saturday July 9th – Blarney in Bloom Summer Garden Fair.  Kids under 12 Go Free.  Haven’t been to Blarney Castle and Gardens in years.  It is also on the bucket list for the summer!

All SummerSt Peter’s Cork exhibition of City by the Sea is on and Free.  I haven’t been to this venue itself but my husband has popped in with the girls.  I think it looks lovely.  Not sure how long smaller kids would be entertained but might be interesting for older kids on their summer holidays!



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