Soft Play

Ok so I am not the biggest fan of massive Soft play areas but they are good for a rainy day sometimes.    I haven’t been to most of these since moving back but I will try and go to a few over the next few months so I can give a little review.

Good for Toddlers……

I have been to these smaller ones and I find them good with the girls as they are small areas and can be controlled.

I find the little play area in Mahon Point upstairs is good.  It has a gate so they can’t escape and with 2 toddlers it is manageable size and if you are lucky maybe you can go shopping later if you still have babies/toddlers who nap.  No food and drink allowed so I tend to down a coffee downstairs from insomnia before I go in there!  It is free to enter,

This little kids play area with play cars and some balls on soft mats in Douglas Shopping Centre good also for an hour release.    Team it with a trip to the Marks and Spencers coffee shop as it has good space for buggies and has colouring sheets to pass the time while you enjoy coffee and scones!  It is free to enter


I’ll be adding more sections here once I go to a few more.  If you want to give a review of one of the Soft play areas/Activity centres around Cork let me know.