Check Cobh out – 5 Things to do for an afternoon visit

Cobh is a lovely little colourful town and it really comes alive in Summer when the cruise liners come in.  These are a few of the things we enjoyed last week and some I have put on the to do list for the next time!  This is my first time back in Cobh in years!  Please send on more recommendations and I can add them to the post if you are a local or go there a lot.

  1. Playground and Park – The little Kennedy Park in front of the water in the centre of the town is gorgeous to hang out for an afternoon on the promenade.  We spent over an hour here in the playground and just walking around and playing on the canons and old band stand.  Note there are no swings and it is more toddler oriented I think.
  2. See a Cruise Liner up Close – Time your visit when one of the cruise liners are in.  It is some sight to drive into Cobh with these majestic ships towering over the little town.  Nice to go for a walk down to where it is docked.  Some locals dress up in victorian clothes and wave the ship off if you are there on its departure.  I think there is music there also on the weekends when the ship leaves. The timetable for cruise liners is here
  3. Take the road Train through the town.  We didn’t do this but it looked like lots of fun.  Not sure whether they have space for buggies so it is probably worth giving them a ring and checking it out.  We will have to go back to do it.  The front of the train looks like Thomas the Tank Engine which is very cute.  Cobh Road Train
  4. Titanic Experience –  I think the girls are too young for this yet but I am looking forward to bringing them when they are older.  It was voted one of the best places to go in Ireland by parents on the Independent. titanic Experience
  5. Get an Ice Cream at the seasonal Ice Cream shop outside kennedy Park. (not sure what it is called) The ice cream is delicious and a lovely end to a nice afternoon trip to Cobh.icecream

So much more to do in Cobh so will have to return soon.  Here is other things to put on the to do list for the lovely town.


  • Get Lunch/Coffee at The Yellow Door.  By chance we got parking right outside and it had a Badger and Dodo sign for coffee so I thought what better place to refuel!  I thought the food was tasty and it was reasonable and the staff were lovely.  The girls had more of a picnic in the park after as they were napping while I ate!bikecobh
  • Sirius Arts Centre – I only popped my head inside for a few photos as it looked amazing.  Beautiful building with windows looking out to sea. They serve Coffee on the Veranda at certain times of the day.



  • Just sitting in Kennedy Park by the water in the sunshine was my highlight.  I think I would love to sit outside and have coffee at the sirus art centre as it looked gorgeous so that is for next time!
  • Experiencing the Town when the cruise liner is docked in the port is definitely worth experiencing.  The place was buzzing.  Schedule on the Port of Cork.

Cobh’s People Regatta is on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of August.  Enjoy sailing, rowing, Open air concerts, Children’s activities, Markets, regatta queens, children’s crabfishing and fireworks display.   Check out the details on Visit Cobh.

cobh regatta

If you don’t live close and want to make a full day out of it definitely check out Fota House and Gardens also which is one of my favourite spots in East Cork.

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  1. Lynda McCarthy Gill says:

    Great write up on my home town of Cobh, I always love our return visits from Galway. We love to walk the waters edge (five foot way) beyond where the liners dock, you are sure to meet a few fishermen and might even see the local friendly seal, there is another play ground at the far end and also exercise equipment along the way. A beautiful walk in summer and an invigorating one in winter!

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