Check out the Montenotte Hotel for a Date Night at the Cameo Cinema

My husband and I were lucky enough to have the experience of a night out in Cork at the very cool Montenotte Hotel for the Cameo cinema and dinner last month for Horror Month! All I can say is that it is definitely worth it and we really enjoyed ourselves.   The hotel itself is beautiful and the decor is so stylish and the small cameo cinema is lovely for a visit after the tasty meal in the Panorama Restaurant.  Check out their website for more details of what films are showing and their special offers for dinner and the cameo experience.  Some details of our visit and my absolute love of cinema are below.

I just love the Cinema.  It is probably top of my list for a night out! Oh, how times have changed!  Before we had our first little girl in London we use to go at least once a week.  There were a lot of good independent cinemas around London but I especially loved this cinema in Shoreditch called the Electric. It is just so uber trendy fitting in with that part of town!  Within it, you have Barber and Parlour. A place for manicures and pedicures, a beauty shop, and a section for Fashion, Accessories and Homeware, Barbers for a blowdry or a beard trim and Cocktail bar!  What more could you want….. All before you head downstairs for the cinema and snuggle up on the comfy chairs with a cashmere blanket!  It is so amazing and if you are ever in London do check it out. 

So when I heard the fabulous Montenotte Hotel had their own little cinema in the very cool boutique hotel looking out over Cork city it sounded like something right up my street.  I love something a bit different.   I am back in Cork 2 years now and I absolutely love being home but sometimes I miss the buzz of London after living there for 11 years or maybe all the stylish places that are on your doorstep.  The Montenotte Hotel gives me back that feeling when I am there.  There is a great buzz about the place and a fantastic sense of style. 

If you haven’t been up to the Montenotte Hotel since they have done it up it is definitely worth a visit.  The decor is just gorgeous.  Very funky and contemporary.  The Panorama Bistro and Terrace is beautiful.  If you want to take in the views of the city the heaters and blankets outside make it enjoyable even at this time of year.  The latest addition is their beautifully manicured gardens if you want to go for a wander outside.  The hotel has won 3 super prestigious awards this year.  First for Sky Bar of the Year, Secondly Ireland’s City Hotel of the Year and finally The Irish Accommodation Service Institute Award.  I am not surprised the awards have started streaming in and I am sure they will continue to do so.

We had dinner at the beautiful bar and restaurant Panorama and it was delicious. They have a set menu which you can choose from if you are availing of the dinner and cameo deal.  I had the goats cheese tart to start and my husband had the smoked chicken salad. Both were so tasty.    For the main course, I ordered the sea bass and my husband went for the steak.  On arrival, I had a moment where I had a bit of food envy as the steak looked immense but I was not disappointed. The sea bass was delicious and was accompanied by a coconut milk based sauce and the skin was lovely and crispy.   It also came with rice, vegetables and potato gratin!  If I just ate the potato gratin alone I would have been happy I just love a bit of potato gratin. So comforting!   For dessert, we had the chocolate trio and it was a great finish up to the meal. We then took a little walk to the gardens and outside.  The views out over the city at night are beautiful.

At 9 the cameo starts.  It’s beautiful little room off the bar/restaurant, all kitted out in these beautiful chairs.  The screen is not as big as your mainstream cinema but for me, I love the intimate setting.  I know you can watch old movies in your own house on your couch but the experience of being in the Montenotte Hotel, gorgeous decor, delicious dinner and getting what feels like your own private viewing of an old classic film makes for a great date night!  We saw JAWS ……showing for Horror month.  The last time I saw Jaws was when we were visiting our cousins in Paris and the babysitter let us watch it…. I was only 7! I needed the babysitter to sit next to my bed to fall asleep and I don’t think I was comfortable in water for years.  Watching it as an adult luckily didn’t scare me as much and I just love an old classic film.    Couples month is on this month for November.  Check out their line up. 

For me, I think dinner and trip to the cameo are well worth it and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and we will definitely be back.  It is nice to do something a bit different for a date night.  We don’t get out that often but hoping that will change now that I’ve secured a babysitting niece!  If you have any other good suggestions for me for date nights! Please drop me a line.

The Montenotte Hotel invited us up and gave us a complimentary visit to the cameo and dinner and I said I would write a review for them.   All of it is my own true opinions and I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself. And so did my husband for the record.  I think I have him hooked!   I am no writer and still new to this ‘Blogging’ thing so excuse the grammar/inability to write properly! 

I absolutely love taking photographs if you follow me on Instagram you will know that it has always been a hobby, however, I realise I am absolutely terrible at taking images in a dimly lit setting so all the dodgy looking photographs are my own on my iPhone and all the beautiful images are from Tony Dunn Photography which is the Hotel’s photographer!

EATI would definitely recommend the chocolate trio if it still on the menu this month.

PLAYCheck out Couples month and enjoy the Cameo with your partner or a friend or just grab a drink on their terrace and take in the views.

LOVEThis hotel in general.   Just for drinks or dinner or a coffee, this place has a great vibe and is definitely a must see destination in Cork.

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  1. Deyn says:

    It looks really good. Must visit sometime.

  2. maurice burke says:

    could i get a cinema listing for upcoming films.
    thanks maurice

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