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Welcome to EAT.PLAY.LOVE. The Little Black Book in Cork for Families to find out about Classes, Events, Kids Camps, Birthday Party Providers,  Products and Services, Places you will Love to EAT, PLAY, SHOP and much more.
My name is Theresa, I have 2 small girls.  I spent 11 years in London and moved home 2 years ago.  I absolutely love being back in my home and having family and friends nearby.
However, when I moved back initially I found it hard to find out what was happening locally in one place that was geared to families.  There are actually loads on, it is just hard to find it all at your fingertips some days unless you ‘like’ about 100 facebook pages and ensure you are getting all their updates!   I am aiming to provide a one-stop shop for parents in Cork.
From speaking to a lot of families in the last 2 years since returning to Cork, they are sick of trawling the internet and not finding everything that is on, or missing most things as they didn’t see it advertised, they don’t want to go to Post Office and see something on a notice board, they don’t want a random sponsored post on Facebook that they won’t remember or see again in a couple of days.  They want a 1 stop shop for finding out what is on locally and this is it!  Channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the website.
Advertise to a captive audience here.  Please contact me for more information.