Top 5 things to do in Cork this weekend.

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Ok I am going to a Hen all weekend, slightly feeling bad as it may rain …..but then again you can never trust the weather forecast in Ireland.

I don’t want them stuck inside so I have made my husband a list.  He is well capable of making up his own mind as to what he can do but I like lists and this way I feel like I tried to contribute a bit to the weekend before I go gallivanting off in the morning!  Did I say I was excited!!!!

  1. Go to the Library. We are overdue with books!  Cork city and county library have great facilities for kids.  I love the Midleton library kids area and when it is raining it is a Godsend.  Joining the library is Free!  Just don’t forget to bring back the books.  Team it with a trip to Midleton market or a coffee/lunch trip to the Granary or Bitesize or insert nice coffee/lunch place in your area.
  2. Go to a play group/class – I list some of the classes on my website.  This is a selection of ones on in East Cork but I hope to list more in time.  I have been meaning to try the Carewswood arts and crafts on a Saturday morning for ages.
  3. Go to a MuseumGlucksman has family day out on Sunday @ 3- 4. I love wandering around this museum even when it is not the family hour.  If your kids aren’t the type to tear the exhibitions to pieces I would pop along at anytime and the shop has lovely kids books aswell.  I also have been meaning to do the lifetime lab for ages but haven’t managed it yet.
  4. Go to a Local Event …. Bring the coats, sunhats, suncream, take the umbrellas, pram cover, wet gear and wellies, you never know what the cork weather will bring and brave one of the events on this weekend. Sure it might not rain!
  5. Go to your Mams – Lets be fair this is possibly the best option for him with 2 toddlers.    Alternatively go to an activity Centre

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